Corporate Profile

Our Business

The Group is committed to developing premium quality residential estates, offices and shopping malls. SHKP’s properties for sale alongside its extensive span of investment properties and sizable land bank have laid a solid foundation for long-term development. The Group also actively takes part in non-property investment endeavours to engender greater synergies with the core business.

Land Bank

Hong Kong

Hong Kong land bank - overall
24.5 million sq.ft. under development with a vast majority for saleDetails
Hong Kong Land Bank - Under Development Properties
32.9 million sq.ft. of completed properties (1) Details
Hong Kong Land Bank - Completed Properties

(1) An overwhelming majority are for rent/investment

(2) Including industrial/office premises, godowns and data centres


The Group also owns about 31 million square feet (site area) of agricultural land in the New Territories, primarily along rail lines. The majority of this is in various stages of land use conversion.


Mainland land bank - overall
48.8 million sq.ft. under development with a majority for saleDetails
Mainland Land Bank - Under Development Properties
14.3 million sq.ft. of completed properties (1) Details
Mainland Land Bank - Completed Properties

(1) A substantial majority are for rent/investment

Group Finance

The Group is committed to prudent financial policies, maintaining high liquidity and low gearing. The overwhelming majority of the Group’s financing is in Hong Kong dollars, which carry very little foreign exchange risk, and the Group earned high credit ratings from noted credit rating agencies.